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  • Ad Blocked
  • Dark theme

What is YouTube Vanced

YouTube has become a major part of our life even we watch YouTube almost every time in our day. From breakfast to lunch, when we are at work and when we are resting, and so on. This is the reason why Google’s YouTube app is the most used Android app after Facebook and Instagram.

However, if you have used it for quite some time, you will probably realize some shortcomings about the app. It lacks a lot of customization, a convenient video interface, and a lot of other tools for Android users. That’s why many people don’t like to use the official youtube app from google.

Instead, we have great alternatives to apps like YouTube Vend, In this post, we will take a look at this app team wanted, Find out why it has become the most popular YouTube app for Android users.

System Requirement for YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is based on the official YouTube app, which is why it is suitable for most Android devices on the market. On top of that, the app can be used on both non-rooted and rooted devices. All you have to do is download and install the APK file from their website.

Also, make sure you download the Micro G file as well, which is also on the official website of the app. You will need this to be able to log into your account when using YouTube Vanced. Once you finish setting up, all you have to do is open the app and start enjoying.

What does YouTube Vanced do?

Like Google’s official YouTube app, this app allows users to access all the features on the official version. However, it comes with a smoother and less bulky interface. It provides a more convenient experience for most of the Android users.

And most importantly, the app gets rid of everything that people hate on the official version, which are annoying ads, sluggish video interface, and more. Hence, it allows users to truly control their YouTube app with access to all the necessary features.

Feature of YouTube Vanced

Enjoy YouTube and all other features

Since YouTube Vanced is programmed based on the official version, the developers still keep all the useful features that are preferred by most of the users. That’s why with it you can still have access to all the features of your official YouTube app. Apart from this, it also comes with the same interface as the official version. Hence, new users will find the app relatively easy to use if they have used the official YouTube app before.

Watch video in floating window

To begin with, the app allows users to watch their favorite videos while they are doing something else on their Android devices. With it enabled, you can create a floating window that displays the content on your video. Therefore, you can still watch YouTube videos while browsing the web or taking important notes.

Listen to music in the background

In addition, users can also listen to music videos on YouTube in the background, allowing them to perform other tasks on their phones without opening their YouTube app. In fact, you can even turn off your smartphone screen and still listen to music. This is extremely useful for people who frequently listen to music on their YouTube app.

youtube vanced

Remove all annoying ads

And most importantly, YouTube Vanced allows users to safely remove all those annoying ads that always pop up while enjoying their videos. Therefore, you can enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted video experience without being bothered by unwanted ads. And if you want to support certain channels, you can still choose to see ads on those channels’ videos.

Change resolution

While watching videos in their YouTube Vanced app, users can also adjust the resolution of the video to match their screen. However, this is not all. You can also override the maximum resolution of your videos and convert them to different resolutions to match your phone. These features will prove to be quite useful for the new 18:9 screen ratio devices as you will be able to use the bigger screen.

Different theme

And to allow users to enjoy their YouTube app even more, the makers of YouTube Vanced also enable the customizable themes feature. Here you can easily switch between different themes which are Black, Dark and White. If you want something that is soothing to the eyes, then the black and dark theme is the way to go. However, if you want to protect your eyes, we recommend that you choose the White theme. Based on your preferences, you can choose the one that suits you the most.

Zoom in and Zoom out of your video

With YouTube Vanced, users are also allowed to zoom in and out while watching their videos on their Android devices. This is extremely useful if you are trying to find some details from a video. However, this won’t work on low-resolution videos as you won’t be able to see anything.

Auto-repeat video

Another feature that makes this app so much desired is the auto-repeat video option. That being said, with YouTube Vanced, users can choose to rewatch their favorite videos whenever they want. With it, you can easily replay your favorite playlist or MV without having to reconfigure multiple times.

Intuitive swipe controls

The app also comes with an intuitive swipe control system, wherein users can quickly adjust certain elements of the video to make them more interesting. That being said, you can swipe up and down with your fingers on both sides of the screen to turn the brightness and sound up or down. This ensures a consistent video experience as you don’t have to use physical buttons.

Choose your preferred speed

And last but not least, the developers of YouTube Vanced also provide optimized playing speed feature on the Android platform. With it, you can easily adjust the playback speed of your videos, adding a lot of fun and excitement.

Free to use

We are really grateful to the developer of Team Wand for keeping the app free to use. With all those amazing features, it’s surprising to know that they still won’t charge any money for it. So if you like the app, please share with your friends or donate to the developers so that they can get more reputation.

Disadvantage of Youtube Vanced

The setting is a bit tricky

In order to use the app properly, users must have certain knowledge about YouTube Vanced and its features. So make sure you spend some time reading and watching the tutorials to have the best understanding about the app. Nonetheless, most new users will find this app relatively difficult to use, especially when it comes to advanced features.

No support from Google Play Store

And since the app has very much violated all the terms of service from Google Play Store, it will not be available on this platform, so you have to download the apk file from other sources. Ideally, you should choose their official website or our own website to get the best version. It also ensures that you can stay away from unwanted viruses or malware.

Install MicroG

You need to have MicroG installed to login. Without it, the Add Account button will do nothing.

Pros & Cons of Youtube Vanced

Pros :

In this section, we have added the plus points of YouTube Vanced which have been hooking people to the application, so, have a look!

  • There are no security threats attached to this application and upon downloading it, you will not have to worry about the security being breached
  • The most amazing thing about this application is that there is no need to root or de-root the device because it works perfectly fine on either device
  • This application allows the users to create the playlist of their own liking and personalize it according to their preferences

Cons :

In this section, we have outlined the negative sides of the application which needs to be considered if you are going to download this application. Have a look!

  • Some users have complained about the user interface and the linked navigation

This is the only con of YouTube Vanced and this is too only in the start. Once you become the regular user of this application, you will get to know how to handle the issue like a pro.

Installation Guide

In this section, we have added a step-by-step guide to download and install YouTube Vanced. Therefore, if the features offered to you match your user’s needs; Follow the steps below and watch as many videos as you want without any restrictions!

  • First, you need to download and install MicroG application or APK to sign in to YouTube account (without MicroG it is not possible to sign into YouTube account)
  • Once you have installed it.
  • launch it and search for YouTube Vanced APK and download it.
  • When it is downloaded, open the application and it will ask permission to install from unknown sources From Settings, enable Download and install from unknown sources.
  • Once you have enabled it, the installation will start automatically.
  • After the installation is complete, click the Open button and do whatever you like!

This was all about YouTube Vanced – features, pros, cons and installation guide and we hope that you were able to gain useful insight and information. If you need any additional guidance or details, do contact us in the comments section below and our team will be here to assist you. Thank You!

Why Download YouTube Vanced & MicroG Latest 16.29.39 Android APK

YouTube Vanced is still one of the best YouTube apps for Android users. And with frequent updates from the developers, expect it to get even better.

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