Are you looking to download the latest version? YouTube Wanted Apk, So you have come to the right place because today we are going to share the direct download link of the latest version of youtube want no root app apkBy using this amazing application you don’t have to see all those annoying ads, if you have never installed apk file before then don’t worry we will encourage you to download and install this amazing youtube mod apk completely Will guide you step by step. in just a few clicks on your Android phone today.

If you have never installed any app outside playstore, you might not be able to install youtube vanced on your phone, so please read our full article carefully, or just scroll down how to install youtube wand apk section and read this, you need to follow those important steps to use this app on your android phone. YouTube Premium APK also known as YouTube Modern The app is now available to download. In this YouTube mode, you can watch videos without ads and you will get a feature like background play. So download youtube premium app also called youtube vanced from our website. YT Vanced app is the most popular mod apk of Youtube. If you are looking for modified version of youtube then you are at right place.

Here we have added the latest version of YouTube Premium APK, you can use all the premium features absolutely free!

Download Youtube Vanced APK latest version for Android (No-Root)

download youtube wanded

Download YouTube Vened

Here is the download link of latest No-Root Apk.

Download Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube does not provide users with the ability to download videos. As a result, people who use YouTube will need to use third party tools to download videos that appear on YouTube. This is where Vanced Youtube comes into play. The look and feel offered by Youtube Vanced is quite similar to the official YouTube app. So, any person who is familiar with YouTube app will learn to use Vanced Youtube app in no time. If you have never heard of YouTube vanced then you must be wondering what exactly it is then let me explain about YT vanced.

It’s like a modified version of YouTube (just like how fm whatsapp And fud whatsapp Revised version of official WhatsApp with more improved features than official application). We can also play music or video in background in this application. This is a very useful application as it reduces our time of watching ads in videos. Vanced app is not available in google playstore so you have to download apk file from here!

Download Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced APK Features

YouTube Vend

download your favorite youtube videos

The Vanced app can allow people to play downloaded videos and other stored videos on the device. With this app all videos can be played in a customized resolution. This is a feature that cannot be found in most of the video players available for the use of the people. The user just needs to select the resolution and Youtube Vanced will start playing it, with the help of Vanced Youtube, users will be able to download multiple files at a time. This can keep users away from the frustration of waiting for a long time until a file is downloaded. Users of Youtube Vanced are provided with full control to set how many files should be in the download queue at a time. It is possible to configure the number and there will be no impact on overall app performance.

this app is safe

100% Free & Safe – There are many Android apps websites where you can find links to download YouTube vanced MOD APK, but we don’t recommend you do so. If you want to try out YouTube Premium services, consider buying it from the actual YouTube website or you can find the same option in the YouTube app APK provided on this page. If you will use any kind of hacks or mods then there is a possibility that your account may get banned.

Ad-free video streaming

NoAds – All ads are blocked, so you can watch any video without any delay or pause. It reduces the time and increases human interest in watching videos. You can shorten the video and listen to the audio in the background, you don’t have to be on YouTube to listen to the video, you can easily listen to your favorite videos without having to go to the app.

mp3 Converter

Youtube vanced is also an effective MP3 converter. If a user wants to extract audio from a downloaded video file, it is possible to use Youtube Vanced and get the job done. The process to extract mp3 from video is also straightforward.

play video in background

This is a unique feature of Youtube vanced, which is not available in most of the video players in the world. Youtube vanced comes with a built-in video player. This video player has the ability to play videos in the background. As a result, users will be able to run various applications while playing the video.

full hd video streaming

Full HD Video Streaming: You will see better video and audio quality while streaming even at low fps. youtube premium

Double Tap Exit: There is an amazing touch gesture available in the Youtube Vanced app. If you’re watching a video and you want to exit, all you have to do is double-tap the video screen. Another unique feature, isn’t it? It can be enabled from settings in Wanded APK app Youtube Premium Free Mod Apk Subtitles: Not only can you download any video from YouTube, you can also download subtitles of any video using the Vanced YouTube app. I am sure you will not find this feature in any YouTube related app. The upgraded YouTube iOS app is not yet available. The developers of Ogg YouTube have released the app only for Android OS. A major reason for this is that iOS devices restrict the download of an MP3 or video file directly. That requires using iTunes, which completely destroys the purpose of the Ogg YouTube app. There are many more features available in this app that I haven’t written here, download the app and discover them yourself.

more features

  • Zoom Effect The pinch to zoom option lets you pinch to zoom in on the video so that it takes up the entire display on any device with any aspect ratio.
  • Dark Mode app also has toggle themes in Black, Dark, White for all devices.
  • Auto Repeat You can put the music on auto-repeat. If you want to listen to music continuously.
  • subjects: Many themes are available, you can just use any theme apk you like.
  • If you are using any other application then you can also watch videos on this application. This method is known as PIP (Picture in Picture Mode). This will help you do other tasks at the same time.
  • Default playing video can be set easily. By selecting this option we don’t need to click again and again to play the video. The video will start playing automatically.
  • Default video resolution can be set on WiFi and mobile. Video resolution will remain same for all videos.
  • Various themes can be selected from Vanced settings. The theme is white, black, or dark in color. You can choose the color as per your choice.
  • Override the maximum resolution.
  • Video repeat can be selected in repeat mode. After selecting this option the video will automatically play again.

how to install vanded apk on your phone

So here is the main pat to install this mod apk on your phone, as i said earlier it is not easy for new apk downloaders to install apk file on android device, don’t worry the steps are super easy just do them correctly. follow from

  • First of all download the latest version of youtube vanced apk from here
  • Now go to the Settings of your Android phone and then search for Security
  • You will see an option of “Unknown sources”, just enable it
  • After downloading it, Install this application on your Android device.
  • Now Log in to your account and select any theme color By going to the tab named Layout Settings.

app screenshot

YouTube Vanced APK

download youtube wand app screenshot

of change

  • Fixed root installer for some users
  • The app now checks for magick and displays an error message if it is not detected
  • Various Customizations

YouTube FAQ

Does YouTube Vanced have features of YouTube Premium?

Yes, you can use all the premium features in the Wand app for free.

how to download youtube vened

You can easily download this mod by landing on this page and following the instructions.


So friends that’s all for this article, we hope that you have liked our article on “youtube vanced apk”, if you face any problem then comment below we will try our best to answer you as soon as possible! Also, be sure to visit our front page To download amazing android apps like youtube premium apk.

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Advanced Review

YouTube Vanced Apk app is a modified version of official YouTube which can be used to watch your favorite videos without any ads, this app comes with many more features which are not available on official YouTube.

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