With Quik, the first of two video editing applications from GoPro, you may analyze your video footage to detect colors and faces to frame your clip correctly. There is a limit of 200 photos and video clips you can use with the transitions and effects available in this free program. 

Create a movie in 1080p or 720p – cinematic, square, or portrait – and have it shared on social media. You can store a draft film for up to 7 days before submitting it to YouTube.


Our selection of Zeta is based on the fact that the free budgeting tool is suitable for all sorts of couples. In addition, the program provides a free joint bank account, which can be used to track spending and pay bills collectively. The Zeta Money Manager software and Zeta Joint Cards are both completely free.

The Zeta Money Manager software enables you to sync accounts or manually enter data to create a centralized picture of your money for you and your colleagues. Budgets can be created, spending can be tracked, collaborative objectives can be put up, and bills can be managed via the app. 

Zeta assists you in staying on track with your objectives and connecting your financial activities to achieving them. Several articles in Zeta’s Money Date Mag, an online newspaper that covers love and money in the current day, are geared at improving your financial understanding.

The Zeta Joint Cards provide access to a bank account with FDIC protection via LendingClub Bank, no monthly fees or minimums, and an annual percentage yield of 0.10 percent2. Unlimited transfers, contactless purchases, and bill pay are just a few of the amazing features available on this account. Your information is protected by state-of-the-art bank-level security provided by the firm. There is no way for them to save your financial login information, and the organization employs two-factor authentication and data encryption in its databases.

Adobe Premiere Clip (Video Editor)

There are several useful features in Premiere Clip, expected from an Adobe program. Using an automated editing tool or more complex customized editing options, you can rapidly create a video that includes anything from clipping clips to adjusting the level of the music over the conversation. The video may be synced to the rhythm of your selected music, and you can add all of the classic finishing touches, such as titles and transitions, to complete the project.

Premier Clip works perfectly with other Adobe products like Premier Pro, Lightroom, and Capture CC – and Adobe’s CreativeSync cloud software instantly updates your project across all of your devices as you work on it.


There’s a reason why Apple’s free applications are sprinkled throughout our list; the company has a flair for designing apps that are incredibly practical and simple to use while still being jam-packed with innovative features. Their widely used iMovie application performs all of the functions of a movie editor.

To add clips to the timeline, you only need to drag and drop them, edit them to fit their new dimensions, and then put in built-in music, effects, and animated titles.


WeVideo’s streamlined user interface makes it easy for almost anyone to create movies in 4K, thanks to WeVideo’s streamlined user interface. Video editing software from WeVideo lets you completely customize text, transmissions, and motion effects in your video.

With simple green screen special effects, you may even let your imagination go wild with the possibilities. You can start and continue a project on one device and another, saving time and money. In addition, when you subscribe to one of their plans, you receive access to a massive collection of licensed and royalty-free video clips, photos, and background music to enhance the appearance of your production.

When it comes to pre-loaded applications, it’s easy to ignore Apple’s Clips. Still, with the weight of the tech giant’s brightest minds behind it, this video editing tool has an impressive array of strong capabilities. Take, for instance, their live tiles configuration.

This enables you to design animated captions and titles that show on the screen in real-time as you talk. Also available are animated emojis and backdrops to spice up the proceedings. Music tracks may be added that smartly match up with the duration of your video. Apart from that, Selfie Scenes provide you with a variety of 360-degree backgrounds to experiment with, and Clips even recognizes who is in your video and provides them with sharing choices.


KineMaster claims that its video editing tool is designed for pros and simple enough to use for everyone. This program indeed leans more towards the serious side of photo editing than most others. This is shown by the ability to modify frames-by-frame, pre-render quick previews, and support up to four audio tracks and an infinite number of audio clips.

The software also creates up to two video layers, which can be animated using preset effects or keyframe animation. In addition, KineMaster lets you create chroma-key composites, adjust color accurately, and control speed from 0.25x to 1.5x without distortion of the audio.


PowerDirector is one of the few specialized video editing applications for Android, and it provides extensive multiple-track timeline video editing capabilities. Thus, the software provides a broad range of video effects, drag and drop FX editing with intuitive controls, green and blue screen backgrounds that you can edit with chroma key, slow-motion editing (even if you didn’t film your video in slow motion originally), vertical videos designed specifically for mobile, as well as all of the standard transitions and cropping tools. Upon completion, you may export your film in 720p or, if you’re prepared to spend money on an in-app upgrade, Full HD 1080p and 4K resolutions.


PicPlayPost allows you to combine up to 365 pieces of media to make 30-minute movies that can be shared in stunning 1080p resolution. You may add up to 365 pieces of media to create 30-minute movies. Having a solid understanding of what mobile-savvy video creators desire, developers Mixcord have created an app that offers several personalization choices, including unique watermarks and customized logos, as well as a 9:16 frame ratio for Instagram Stories. 

YouTube videos may be edited by speeding them up or slowing them down, and the automatic slideshow tool can turn them into a makeshift movie for those of us who are particularly time-pressed. A series of ‘how-to’ movies on video editing hacks cover anything from making GIFs to producing multi-collage videos and everything in between.

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