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Top 5 Photo Editor For Android

  1. Snapseed
  2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  3. PicsArt
  4. inshot Pro
  5. Canva

What is Photo Editing tools or application ?

With Photo Editor, you give a new look by editing your photos. Through photo editing tools you can make any kind of change with any image or photo.

In today’s time, there are more than a million photo editing applications at different play stores, but not all applications are popular due to some of their shortcomings. Today I am going to tell about the Top 5 Photo Editor Android Application, which I used myself and then suggest you.

Note: It takes a little time to learn any photo editing apps, it is not that you do not know very well about any tools and you can suddenly edit.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed comes first on our list, due to my review and positive user feedback and free feature. This is the official photo editor of google which is available for free on google play store. Snapseed is a mobile photo editor application through which you can give your photo an amazing look.

Because there are many tools in it that can select the desire area in your image, if you talk about area selection, then you can also choose according to the color of the image. The same other side has given you different features like brightness, saturation, contrast etc. In this, you can use multiple image as well as write stylish text on the image.

There are amazing tools like image, crop, rotate and perspective, brush. If you talk about photo filters, you will see different types of photo filters in front of you.

After completion of image / photo editing, you can easily export / save it.

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

According to our experience, we place Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on the second number because it has a lot of paid features and also you have to login to use this app, without login you will not be able to use it. Talking about the rest of the editing, you will also get tools like saturation, contrast, and image crop, but you will have to be a bit destitute to select a particular area.

To use the same selective tools, you have to take the paid version application. If you want to use photo filter then you will find it in the profile option. If you use the paid version, then you get the option to save the edited image on its own cloud.

HDR mode has been given in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom so that the quality of your image remains.

3. PicsArt

We place the PicsArt app at number three because it has an editing option like snapseed and lightroom, but when you save your edited image, it reduces the quality of the image.

If you talk about image filter and editing, then after doing a little hard work, it gives you a complete look because it has a lot of function predefine. Collage maker option is also given, in which you can make your own design and put your favorite photo.

Everyone wants that their photo looks a little better, so you get a beauty mode that makes your image look even better. So if you are a fan of meme, then you will get many tattoos that you can use to make your own meme. Can

Along with photo editing, there is an option of video editing in which you also get a pre-made template, sticker and stylish font.

4. inShot Pro

inshot pro is a photo and video editing application, in which you can make short videos along with photo editing without any professional software to give you amazing filters, trim & merge videos, slideshow and different video effect. Is You will find this application on google playstore.

You can also render 4K video in inshot pro. This application is completely ad-free and it has all premium features unlocked along with animations and visual effect.

In this too, you have given multiple layers for photo editing and to add multiple audio track and video track of video. video speed controller such as forward and backwards which you will get feature.

5. Canva

Canva is a photo editing mobile application as well as web photo editing that means you can edit your photo online as well. Canva is very popular in which you will get many features but you have to take paid version to take many features. |

canva is mostly used to create a template for social media, in which you will get to use a lot of pre-made templates. At the same time font style will also be predefine.

In this, you can use the image of canva along with your image, in which you will not have any problem like copyright.

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