Top 5 Current Affairs Today 20 May 2021

Top 5 Current Affairs Today 20 May 2021

Can check Karona at home

A Pune-based company has created a copy self-treatment, so that you can test the Kovid-19 at home. The Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR has decided that the Rapid Antigen Test has been approved and this testing kit is being manufactured by Ladies Company. It will take 2 minutes to do this test, but in 15 minutes you will also get the result, the cost of the testing kit has been kept at around two and a half ₹ 100. My Love Company is the first company in India to have approved the testing kit. This insect will also be made available in the market by the name of cell and it will also be available in about 7:30 lakh pharmacy stores and at the same time it will also be made available on the e-commerce website. IMC, you have also issued a notice in which he has said that this will be only 19 line test, else you will have to go to open lab and do the test. A

What is white fungus?

Friends, now a new disease has come. Black was fungus before, but Avoid Songs has also come and will have to fight with coronavirus and in which Black is considered more dangerous. White fungus is the main cause of lung infection, it also affects the blood, kidneys and brain. So far, about 4 patients have been found in which this symptom has been found. Characteristics of the coronavirus are almost fixed, due to which it is difficult to find out whether Karo has happened or whether there is a problem of white fangas. Both white and black fungus are caused by a lack of immunity. In world fungus, it engulfs children along with adults.

IPL phase 2 can be done in September

Right now the IPL match was going on, the match had to be stopped in the middle, it is going to start in September. According to the report, this tournament will be held in England only in September, for this, discussions are being held with the England Board of Cricket Board. BCCI is placed in the main point to complete the IPL.

Mamta Banerjee got angry in Modi’s meeting

Mamta Banerjee has said that not giving permission is humiliating in the meeting. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a meeting with the Chief Minister of 10 states, in which Laker was involved in the meeting. There were about 10 Chief Ministers in the meeting. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not give anyone a chance to speak, which angered Mamata Banerjee and told people in a press conference that you are a parent.

Thousands of Gujarat fishermen become unemployed

There has been a huge water supply in which people have not drowned and at the same time many people have died and along with it thousands of people have lost their jobs. All the fishermen used to work on some or the other and almost every one of the 19 people used to study fish. Toute suffered from Gujarat.

Due to tauktae, the weather of State has deteriorated.

If we look at the weather, then in May, where there is a hot summer, it is raining in six states and the temperature has also come down. According to the Meteorological Department, due to the storm, heavy rains occurred in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and Delhi has broken the 120-year-old record.

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