As far as the success of your product is concerned, mobile app marketing is one of the most critical things. To recoup your investment, you must make an effort to spread the word about your software to as many prospective users as possible.

You may market it by purchasing sponsored advertisements and drawing organic visitors. In this post, we’ll discuss app store optimization (ASO) and how it may help you get more organic installations on the App Store and Google Play.

How does ASO work, and why do you need it?

This concept may be defined as follows:

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a series of actions made to improve a mobile app to enhance its exposure in organic search and increase the number of downloads.

The following are some of the major advantages of ASO:

  • Your app will be more visible if you do this.
  • Your app will be more likely to be downloaded if you do this.
  • Improve organic search results for free downloads.
  • Lowering the cost of user attraction.
  • Increasing product/developer brand awareness.
  • Attracting high LTV customers and a loyal audience.
  • Higher retention rate than paid advertising.
  • Competitive market growth.

In markets and niches with significant levels of competition, you must understand the importance of combining ASO with paid traffic and other marketing methods. Everything is linked together. As a result, the more users download your mobile app via advertisements and other sources, the higher your organic search ranking will be.

Almost all programs need some level of basic optimization. Users will not locate and install your product if you entirely ignore ASO. Instead, they will find and install your rivals’ items.

If you’re designing an app for internal use, you may skip this step.

The Practical Guide to App Store Optimization in 8 Steps (ASO Checklist)

We’ll receive a reasonably shortlist if we concentrate on the primary parts of app page optimization, giving 90% (or even more) of the outcome. Each of these principles, however, is critical.

Core Semantics

This term refers to a list of keywords that prospective consumers might use to find an app comparable to yours. Answers to the following questions will assist you in your endeavor:

  • What are the key characteristics of your product?
  • What words/phrases may consumers use to find an app like this?
  • What other questions or synonyms can you think of to replace them?
  • What words are often used in this niche?
  • What terms do your rivals use to describe their goods?

Keyword research for ASO is a continuous activity. As a result, it is not worth wasting too much effort first.

Name of the application

The app name should be distinctive while including a decent number of essential keywords. That’s a simple example: never attempt to replicate rivals’ names since you’ll end up getting buried amid other clone applications. Furthermore, to maintain your app name intriguing, you must avoid employing keywords in it.

subhead (short Description)

If appropriate, you may insert keywords in the brief Description (subheading) and make them seem as natural as possible. The Description on iOS is limited to 30 characters, whereas on Android, it is limited to 80 characters. It may be made into a call to action.

Icon for the application

This is the aspect that your users will notice first and foremost. Due to this, you should pay close attention to the icon you create for your app. No matter how good it is, it must be visible and understandable.

The symbol for your mobile app should be distinctive. If it works, you’ll be able to pique your target audience’s interest even before they choose an app from the query search results.

App Description in-depth

Essentially, your mobile app needs to be attractive enough to convince consumers to download it. To accomplish this goal, you should describe why your target audience should download your product, how it will benefit them, and its primary features. The description text is an effective way to position your software and explain its idea.

When it comes to ASO, you should remember that Google Play considers the keywords in your app description when ranking your app in organic search.

Video and screenshots

You must persuade consumers to download your mobile app as soon as they arrive at your product page in Google Play or the App Store. This endeavor necessitates the use of visual representation. Program pictures and operation videos, for example, demonstrate the features and functioning of your app or game.

This is just as crucial as a movie poster and trailer. The majority of consumers base their download selections on their initial impressions. As a result, your images should provide a clear picture of what your software looks like, demonstrate how it functions, and emphasize its value and major features.

Ratings and Reviews

Users often read other people’s reviews, consider the app’s rating, and decide whether or not to install it based on reviews and ratings. As a result, a high rating and many reviews impact search rankings and conversion rates for views and installs.


Apple’s algorithms ignore backlinks to your app page, but they have an impact on your app’s ranking on Google Play. In any event, this function is beneficial since it raises brand recognition and, if a link to your app is provided from the main website, it may enhance the number of downloads.

If you look at any popular mobile app’s page, you’ll see that it has dozens, if not hundreds, of links heading to it. This increase may be entirely natural, but it will be best if you begin working on your backlinks in an organized manner right away.


App Store and Google Play mobile app sites should grab customers’ attention, pique their curiosity, and entice them to connect further.

App Store Optimization (ASO) enables you to make your app’s page more appealing to consumers while also increasing its presence in organic search results. However, you must realize that this process must be ongoing and iterative rather than a one-time event based on ongoing effort and experimentation.

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