The development of remote work has highlighted one fact: if you work from home, you’ll need dependable, cost-effective, and user-friendly video chat software.

Whether it’s for a job interview, a professional meeting, or just a hangout with friends, video chat applications are a great way to communicate. Bad connections, poor audio, and frozen video, on the other hand, may all wreak havoc on your video chats. It isn’t easy to choose the finest video chat software because of this.

The greatest video chat applications for 2021 are listed here.


Discord, founded in 2015, now has 150 million monthly active users split over 19 million active servers. Every day, the app records four billion server chat minutes. The fact that it serves 11 nations, including Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, and South Korea, is one of the reasons. It is particularly popular among college students, and over 200 colleges and institutions use it.

Discord provides various communication options, such as text and video chat. It provides useful features like screen-sharing and a real-time view of who is accessible to talk in your network. If you’re seeking topic-specific materials, Discord conveniently aggregates them into a database, making everything you need accessible with a single click. You may govern your area with further community management by giving members certain positions or establishing secret channels specifically for leadership.

Messenger on Facebook

Due to Facebook’s popularity, its Messenger function has become a common tool for users to communicate with family, friends, and local communities. Messenger supports text, audio, and video chat and the creation and joining of private Messenger Rooms.

These Rooms provide a private setting for having talks, working on projects, and socializing with friends. You may customize your experience by selecting various entertaining filters and effects to add some spice to your discussions. If you have visitors to invite, you may send them a link to your Messenger Room so they can join without having to create an account with Messenger.

Meet Google

Google Meet employs the same security procedures as Gmail and other Google services, including additional security features like encrypted video discussions. It also reaps the advantages of Google’s stellar reputation, recruiting customers such as Airbus, BBVA, Salesforce, Whirlpool, and Twitter.

Google Meet provides up to 100 visitors with 60 free minutes with a free account, but you’ll need to upgrade your account if you want to use the extra features. This offers you access to meetings with up to 250 individuals in attendance, as well as screen-sharing tools to make presentations easier.

It can also deliver live broadcasts to 100,000 people, making it ideal for corporations and colleges that do regular webinars. Live captions are available in Google Meet thanks to voice recognition technology with AI upgrades for improved clarity.

Guests may attend a meeting using Google Nest Hub Max or dial into an audio-only format using a handy dial-in number provided in the invitation.


GoToMeeting, a video conferencing service available in over 190 countries, holds over 80 million meetings each year. It has HD video and screen sharing capabilities and keyboard and mouse sharing.

Meetings can have up to 250 participants, and GoToMeeting provides statistics and analytics to improve future meetings. It also comes with an unlimited cloud recording feature and a transcription service.

For its communication and collaboration features, GoToMeeting interfaces with LogMeIn, allowing account owners to set roles and limit access. Hosts can relax with 99.95 percent service uptime and increased security measures such as encrypted meetings.

Attending a meeting does not require users to download software; therefore, there is no need to be concerned about accessibility. Commuter mode, which includes VoIP and Toll, lets you attend meetings from the road thanks to better audio and background noise reduction.

Microsoft Teams

With over 250 million users, Microsoft Teams is regarded as one of the top video conferencing tools for organizations and schools. Text, audio, and video chat are still available, but enhanced collaboration, file sharing, and connections with popular applications are also available.

Using the cloud, you can organize and secure all your information.

Microsoft Teams includes personal and home features in addition to corporate ones. You may join relatives and friends in a virtual café in lounge mode for more casual hangouts.

With features like emoticons, memes, and GIFs, you can have some fun and add a dash of personality. You may meet for up to 60 minutes with the free account.


Skype has long been the standard for video conferencing, and it is continually evolving. Its messaging was recently updated, with increased speed, reliability, and a more contemporary layout. It’s accessible in two forms: an app and a fully functional browser.

Skype secures your discussions with features like call recording, live subtitles, and end-to-end encryption. There is a useful Material Gallery with a search tool for your prior chats if you need to discover the media you shared. It’s much easier to meet with the same people over and over again by using Skype’s unique invitation link, which doesn’t expire.

Calling other Skype users is completely free, and calls may last up to 24 hours. When contacting landlines or mobile numbers, however, charges will apply. You may also add a local phone number in your preferred area code or country to receive Skype calls.

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