One of the most promising fields in which many organizations from across the globe are already investing their resources is developing artificial intelligence (AI). This market offers tremendous potential for app developers and can take their businesses to a whole new level.

In the case of developing an artificial intelligence-based system, which programming language should you choose? This is a really difficult question to answer.

In order to provide you with some insight into the most popular artificial intelligence programming languages in 2020, we asked experts in the field. They are the most appropriate and often used programming languages for developing these systems, and this knowledge might assist you in making your selection.


Programmers extensively utilize this programming language because of its clean syntax and the logical, strictly grammatical structure of the program that it provides for them. Python is the programming language that is most often utilized in the fields of machine learning and neural network construction.

Whether a web service, a mobile app, machine learning, or scientific computing, every project may be implemented using one of the hundreds of libraries now on the market.

Some of its most notable characteristics include a relatively fast development speed, 

  • A rich and diverse set of libraries and tools, 
  • Good balance between low and high-level programming, 
  • Ability to test algorithms without implementing them, 
  • The fact that it is still actively developed today.

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This high-level programming language, first developed in 1958, is extensively employed to create artificial intelligence. It is highly suited for completing certain tasks since it is flexible and extendable.

Remember that LISP was the programming language used to develop the first robots that could walk about, switch lights, and move things around the room.

  • Key characteristics include the ability to alter solutions to meet individual requirements quickly, 
  • Use macros to construct multiple AI levels, 
  • Automated trash collection and prototype quickly.


It is favored among AI developers because of its high degree of abstraction, built-in search engine, non-determinism, and other characteristics. This is one of the few computer languages that embody the declarative programming paradigm, making it a rare find. The learning curve is fairly steep in this situation.

Prolog is a programming language for implementing algorithms that need many implicit search alternatives (logical inference, identifying dependencies, seeking movements), making it an excellent choice for developing artificial intelligence.

The following are the main characteristics:

  • Sophisticated and flexible programming style; 
  • Data organization based on a tree; 
  • And the ability to roll back changes automatically


It’s a widely used, simple-to-learn, and universal programming language, based on which you may construct applications of different complexity for a wide range of operating systems, including Windows.

Using Java Virtual Machine technology, you may develop a single version of an application that will run on all Java-supported systems. Transparency, ease of debugging, and portability are its strongest characteristics.

Key characteristics include ease of 

  • Debugging, 
  • Learning, 
  • Platform independence, 
  • A large library,
  • And scalability.


The speed with which this programming language may be used is one of its most significant features. This is crucial for developers since the activity of AI systems is accompanied by a huge number of computations. Therefore speed may be a critical factor in the process of development. It is an excellent option for tasks involving machine learning and the construction of neural networks.

The following are the most important characteristics:

  • Excellent speed and performance
  • A mix of high-level and low-level tools
  • Scalability
  • Many available libraries and tools

Artificial intelligence, which has the potential to transform the world for the better, is considered something of a Holy Grail of sorts in Silicon Valley because of its huge potential. It is already in use in a broad range of sectors, and additional research and trials in this field are opening the door to even more possibilities.

This list of artificial intelligence programming languages was the most often used in this sector in the first quarter of 2021. Would you mind leaving a comment if you have any more information that may be used to enrich the material in our post?

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