Carrot’s personality, which provides tongue-in-cheek commentary on the day’s events through voice and text, may be more well-known than its weather forecasts. (“I’m delivering poor weather to all the people who refuse to wear masks to disguise their horrible features,” it snarled one day.) You may choose its personality (pleasant, sarcastic, murderous, or overkill) as well as its politics (liberal, conservative, moderate, libertarian, communist, or apolitical).

All in all, Carrot is a robust, attractive software that provides a good quantity of weather information for the present and future. Dark Sky API provides data for the Android app, but AccuWeather, AerisWeather, Foreca, and AccuWeather supply data for the iOS app.

It also lacks several Android app features, although developer Brian Mueller promised a huge upgrade in 2022 in an email.


1Weather is a well-known app featuring a range of panels that display current Weather, forecasts, precipitation, radar, and the rise and set of the Sun and Moon, among other things. The UI is a little cluttered, in my opinion, but it provides a lot of information and contains brief weather-related articles.

Unfortunately, scrolling advertising takes up the whole main screen, but they also take up a third of the screen on other sites, and there are full-page pop-up ads. 


AccuWeather, which numerous stations have utilized for their predictions, is recognizable to anybody watching cable TV or listening to the radio. Its website compiles its data using a mix of meteorologists, a worldwide prediction engine, and other sources.

The app includes a user-friendly layout that allows you to view current real and “RealFeel” temperatures quickly. The Next 4-Hours MinuteCast forecasts the kind of precipitation (if any) that will fall during the next four hours. You can also view current radar and look for impending storms using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the Eyewitness News symbol in the top-right corner for the most up-to-date information.


Today Weather has the nicest design of all the applications on our list. It has a simple layout that opens with a picture and today’s Weather, then scrolls down for information on the Weather for the next 24 hours and seven days, live radar, air quality, and other categories.

When you’re in the United States, you can get data from Today Weather,, Open Weather Map, /, among other places (the Norwegian Meteorological Institute).

The paid customers have access to more data sources, like AccuWeather and Dark Sky.


“The most personal weather app,” claims Appy Weather. It’s concerned about your privacy; right away, it asks whether you want to check the Weather using your present location (which needs permission) or run a search for your location (which does not require permission).

The design is basic and intuitive, particularly the timeline, which allows you to scroll down to view the current Weather and the prediction for the next several days. You may also check hourly and daily predictions by scrolling from left to right towards the bottom. Dark Sky, Foreca, and OpenWeather are among the data sources presently used by Appy Weather.


Overdrop, like Appy Weather, provides a straightforward, easy-to-use interface with a fair, though rather restricted, variety. The current Weather, hourly Weather, air quality, a radar map, and a weekly prediction are all available; pick a drop-down arrow for additional information.

However, its primary benefit may be that you can access 54 different weather widgets as a paying user, which widget lovers may find worthwhile.


The National Weather Service, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration administer, is the source of this basic software (NOAA). It displays NOAA data in a straightforward, easy-to-read format: it starts with the weekly prediction and allows you to touch each day for extra information. A weather map and an hourly prediction are also available.


FlowX (formerly known as WeatherBomb) initially opens to a weather map and temperature/humidity charts rather than the normal text-based weather report. It allows you to pick which sorts of data the map displays. You’re given a seven-day prediction; move your finger around the screen to see the forecast for each day.

The data for the free software comes from NOAA; for $4.99 a year, you get additional map styles, a graph editor, and up to a 16-day prediction.

RainViewer Radar and three regional weather models have been included in the Silver ($9.99/year) subscription. However, the Gold membership ($19.99/year) adds even more, including European models, global ocean temperatures, and more.


Yahoo Weather is a well-designed and functional weather software that allows you to scroll sideways to see Weather for various areas. You scroll down to see the Weather for the week, a weather map, wind and pressure, precipitation, and the Sun and Moon’s schedules.


If you like witty weather applications like Carrot, you should give What The ForeCast?! ago. It starts with an opinionated statement on the site, and you may change the profanity level to On, Some, Minimal, or Off, as well as whether it’s vocal or quiet.

The UI options are more diverse than most other programs, allowing you to customize them to your liking. The daily and weekly predictions may be found by scrolling down; advertisements can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The air quality index, bee index, and other statistics are also available through icons at the top of the home screen. AerisWeather is the app’s weather provider.

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