As all of us android users are very much interested in playing games, from kids to elders, most of the games in all android devices are very much like to play them, download them from the play store, play them, it is very nice to share with your friends. Nowadays more than half of the games can be played online with your friends. Like free fire, pubg this is very popular game and people like it very much. Mine craft download.

So friends, we are going to tell you about a game in which you can create a different world, you can build your own city according to you, yes friends, the name of that game is Minecraft game. This game is very interesting. And in this you will get to see so many new things, you will like this game very much. So let us give you all the information about this game, how it can be played, how it can be used, all the things we will give you this game. I am going to tell with the help of post. minecraft mod apk download v1.16.1.02 free.

Application Information

Friends, before downloading any application, we definitely take information about it once, in the same way it is very important to take information about Minecraft Craft and that is why in this post today we are going to tell about Minecraft Game. Friends Minecraft Game is a video game that is very popular application. This game is played not only in India but in all countries of the world. This game has become the most played video game all over the world. This game is very popular. The first came only in 2009 but it became popular when it was bought by Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion. Became the world’s number one video game


It is very easy to play this game, first of all you have to open this game, as soon as you open the app, you will have the option to enter the world name, you can keep whatever you want to keep the password as you wish. After landing in this game, you will have to roam around and collect wood and stones so that you can build your house. In this you can also talk to animals. In this Minecraft game you have to go inside the cave because Inside the cave you will find gold, silver, diamonds and pearls so that you can build your own house and help you build the house.

Not only this, you can also eat meat by killing animals in it, which will give you more strength and you are also given points for killing animals so that your game level can progress like we have nothing in many games. Some options are given, after which our game level increases and our points increase, in the same way if we kill animals in this game, then our game level increases further.


This application is an Android version application that can be easily used by Android users but it can also be downloaded on a PC. To download on PC, you have to open Chrome. After opening Chrome, you have to search by typing Minecraft in the search box. After that you will see a website on which Minecraft will be written, you have to click on it and open it, after which you will easily understand the download option, after which you can easily download it on PC and that’s it. From an Android device then you can use it very easily from Android device.

Developer / Publisher

This application was developed in 2009 but people got its information when it was bought by Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion, then this application was published and people got information about this application and people used to use it a lot. Due to which it is considered one of the world’s number one application and people like this video game very much.

System Requirement

There are many systems in this application like when you play the game in this application and if you kill animals while building your house then your game level is increased. I don’t have to come out of your house at night because at night you are in a lot of danger and you have to be careful from small insects because you can die due to insect bites which will end your game then you have to again I have to start this game


You will get to see very interesting features in this video game. Like in this application you get a lot of support to win and lose, you get silver diamonds to build your house in it so you can build a house with their help. You can also make a grafting table in it which will make it easy for you to cut wood or stone. You also get mushrooms in it which you have to eat because after eating mushrooms your power increases due to which you can win this game There are many unlimited interesting features in this. When you download this application and use it, then you will understand all its features.

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